The question “will a breast lift remove stretch marks?” comes up a lot in our practice. Unfortunately, it’s not one that has a hard and fast answer.

A breast lift can, in some cases, remove stretch marks or at least lessen their impact. In others, it may not be as effective.

Will a Breast Lift Remove Stretch Marks? It Depends.

Whether a breast lift will remove stretch marks or not depends on the location of the stretch marks as well as the exact surgeries and treatments you are seeking.

A breast lift may remove stretch marks on the underside of the breasts, though it will likely not change any on the top or sides, unless you’ve specifically requested your surgeon to excise this tissue.

However, if the breast lift is combined with a breast augmentation, it can address these top and lateral stretch marks since it stretches the skin making the stretch marks less visible.

The augmentation helps to fill out deflated skin in all areas of the breast, which lessens the visibility of stretch marks and other concerns.

There are other treatments that can help to reduce stretch marks as well, including laser resurfacing and topical creams. Combining these with carefully chosen cosmetic surgeries can offer you a more comprehensive way to combat unsightly stretch marks — be they on the breasts or anywhere else on the body.

Get Certified Guidance

While getting rid of stretch marks can be a benefit of undergoing breast lift surgery, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and side effects, as well. Keep in mind, the results of breast lift surgery vary from patient to patient.

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