Eyelid lift surgery can be an extremely effective way to reverse the signs of aging by fixing drooping and loose eyelids, alleviating bags under the eyes, and making you look more alert and youthful. Like any other cosmetic procedure, eyelid lift surgery requires a short recovery period after the procedure is performed in order to allow your body to heal and so that you can experience the greatest benefits from the procedure. If you are considering undergoing an eyelid lift surgery, take a moment to learn about the post-surgery and recovery period.

  • Immediately after the surgery, the area around your eyes will be numb due to the local anesthetic that your surgeon applied. This should wear off after a few hours.
  • For the first few days after the procedure, you may experience blurred or double vision, watery eyes, redness, sensitivity to light, puffy lids, swelling, bruising, and minor pain.
  • You will need to gently clean your eyelids and insert medicated eye drops as instructed by your surgeon.
  • You must avoid strenuous activities, swimming, and rubbing your eyes for several days.
  • You must not wear contacts for the first two weeks following the surgery.
  • Be sure to wear sunglasses anytime you go outdoors to protect your lids from sun damage, which could delay the healing process.
  • Acetaminophen and cool compresses may be used to control pain.
  • You may see a small amount of blood drainage from the incisions. Do not be alarmed; simply close your eyes and press a dry tissue or gauze softly on the draining area.
  • Do not wear makeup anywhere on or around the eyes until you have completely healed from the surgery, as cosmetics could infect your incisions and slow healing.

If you follow these tips and heed your surgeon’s instructions, you should recover fully within six weeks. If you are interested in learning more about eyelid lift surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Elizabeth Harris at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery in San Antonio today.

Dr. Elizabeth Harris is retiring, she will no longer be doing surgeries, but she will be available for existing patients until January 31st, 2023.DIRECTIONS