Many patients who plan to undergo multiple plastic surgical procedures would prefer to do them all at once. However, is this always the most appropriate option for their health? Unfortunately, it’s not. Though it may be a good decision for some candidates, it truly depends on the types of procedures being performed, the patient’s overall health, the recovery time, and a number of other considerations.

If you’re considering undergoing multiple plastic surgical procedures simultaneously, here are some factors you should discuss with your plastic surgeon before moving forward:

  • The procedures being performed—Some procedures can be completed together more practically than others simply because of their location and the tools and equipment required. A rhinoplasty, for example, can be done in conjunction with an eyelid lift since they’re both facial procedures. Similarly, a breast augmentation and tummy tuck can also be accomplished in tandem.
  • The length of time each procedure takes—We generally don’t recommend patients be under anesthesia for more than six hours, since this increases the chance of complications. So if your liposuction will take four hours and your breast lift will take three, we recommend that these procedures be performed on separate occasions.
  • Your overall health—If you’re going to undergo multiple surgeries at once, you need to be in prime health. Otherwise, you could suffer complications in the operating room or during your recovery and healing period. If you have underlying conditions that have compromised your health, be sure to discuss them in depth with your surgeon before making a decision.
  • The recovery period—It’s also important to look at the predicted recovery period for each procedure. Will either operation interfere with the healing of the other? Would doing both surgeries make recovery especially difficult or long? Would they render you unable to walk, work, or care for your family for an extended period of time? These questions should all be addressed before moving forward.

If you’re considering undergoing multiple plastic surgical procedures, be sure to get the facts from a caring and knowledgeable professional. Schedule an appointment at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery, and discuss all your options with Dr. Elizabeth Harris.

Dr. Elizabeth Harris is retiring, she will no longer be doing surgeries, but she will be available for existing patients until January 31st, 2023.DIRECTIONS