The surgeon has an important job in any surgical procedure. However, that does not mean that the patient can excuse him or herself from any responsibility. Certain measures must be taken before any surgery in order to increase the chances for success and reduce recovery time. If you are going in for a tummy tuck anytime soon, review the following tips about tummy tuck preparation and making this as easy a transition as possible.


You will have to avoid certain medications and supplements before you undergo surgery. Your surgeon will give you a list of such items to avoid. This is a very important list because these drugs may be those that interfere with blood clotting or with the function of anesthesia. Inform your surgeon about every drug that you take. Obey rules about avoiding meals prior to surgery as well.


Be domestically ready for your recovery. Surgical tape, 4×4 gauze, and other surgical pads are helpful to place on the incisions after surgery. Antibiotic ointment and Aquaphor can be applied to incisions after the tape is removed. Gentle laxatives and fiber are also helpful, as constipation is sometimes a problem after an abdominoplasty. Buy all the food that you will need while you are recovering in your home. Get a lot of canned and frozen items that will not require a lot of effort to cook. Order and acquire all of your prescriptions before surgery and have them ready at home. You will also want to prepare as many small bags of ice to help you deal with swelling afterward.


Create an area in your home that will be your recovery zone. This will be the place where you will sit or lie for several days, possibly. Keep critical items within arm’s reach so that you do not hurt yourself wandering around the house. Necessary items include cell phones, ice, Kleenex, water supply, remote controls, thermometer, computer, and any other things you feel you may need.

Philosophical Tummy Tuck Preparation

You should also be ready to make some changes in your lifestyle. If you want to avoid the discomfort of this procedure again, you may want to consider changes to your diet and your lifestyle. It is best to begin these changes before you are recovering from surgery.

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