post bariatric body lift is a type of surgery that can assist people with these residual problems after significant weight loss. As we all know, there are many successful methods to lose unneeded pounds. However, there are only a limited number of ways to deal with the excess skin that is often left over.  Many people, after heroic efforts to shed pounds and change the contour of their bodies, are disappointed by their resulting appearances. The skin around their arms, legs, neck, and bellies sags. It also may still contain subcutaneous fat that can be difficult to remove, even with the most vigorous exercise regimen.

What Is a Post Bariatric Body Lift?

post bariatric body lift is a procedure to surgically excise all of the leftover tissue. It is much like any other surgical procedure, only the patient is removing essentially healthy tissue rather than correcting a fault or injury in their body. The purpose is to cut away the extra flesh. This also accomplishes a minimal amount of weight loss, but the effect is mostly cosmetic. However, it is important to note that this surgery does cause scarring where the tissue is cut away.

The Best Candidates for a Post Bariatric Body Lift

This operation is not for everyone. You need to be in good physical shape to undergo a post bariatric body lift. This is not a gastric bypass or any other such form of bariatric surgery. Instead, this is the sort of surgery that occurs after a person has already lost a great deal of weight and is now in good physical shape. Often, such people have returned from being very out of shape and have discovered that their skin was so stretched that it would not conform to their new weight.

Preparation for Surgery

Your doctor will give you very specific instructions for how to prepare for your post bariatric body lift. Typical guidelines will include dietary restrictions. This will include refraining from most supplements and vitamins for at least a couple weeks before the procedure. Smoking must absolutely be avoided for at least a month prior to surgery. You should also avoid getting sunburned during this time period. Your surgeon will ask you to inform him if you get a cold before the operation so that it can be postponed.

You should learn whether your particular surgery will be an inpatient or outpatient procedure. If it will be outpatient, you should probably have someone available to drive you or escort you home after the anesthesia wears off.

Location of Procedure

The location will most likely depend on the extent of the procedure. If the surgeon is going to remove a relatively minor amount of skin, then he or she may very well schedule the operation in a surgical center or an ambulatory outpatient facility. Greater interventions may require location in a hospital in case there are complications.

The Operation

post bariatric body lift could take as little as two hours or more than five, depending on how much is to be removed. The surgeon may schedule multiple surgeries rather than one long procedure to be safer. There will be scarring, but the doctor may be able, in your case, to disguise these to some extent by utilizing certain locations on the skin.

Post Bariatric Body Lift Risks

Every surgery has certain risks involved. Surgeons successfully perform thousands of post bariatric body lift operations each year. Certain complications, though rare, occur with some frequency. These are blood clots and infections. This should not overly concern you. Doctors can treat such complications with antibiotics or by draining specific areas affected by clots. Complications such as poor healing are more common with smokers. If slow healing occurs, an additional procedure may be necessary.


Do not be surprised if the incisions leak a little. Bandages will be applied and fluids may be drained with a small tube. It may take a few weeks for incisions to heal completely under good conditions. You should expect that heavy exertion will be impossible during the first few days. Your doctor will give you instructions about returning to normal activity in stages after your post bariatric body lift.

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