Most patients prefer a natural facelift appearance after surgery. While medical technology and techniques have advanced to allow people to preserve their youth in many different ways, you still have to take great care to ensure that your facelift does not look obvious. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of methods available that can remove lines and blemishes without leaving noticeable evidence of surgery. Instead, you appear as if you had always looked this good.

Why Do You Need a Natural Facelift?

Over time, different factors affect your skin. Gravity pulls it down, fatty deposits build up, and the elements tarnish its appearance. The skin clings to the muscles that create the many smiles and frowns of your life and stretches out, becoming looser. Sometimes, depending on your lifestyle, your face can make you appear much older than you feel. A natural facelift can restore your appearance and let your face demonstrate how you really feel inside.

Natural Facelift Techniques

The key to success in a natural facelift is making your face look as if you have aged well. To put your 21-year old face on your 50-year old body would not look natural. The following techniques are good at creating a natural appearance during and after surgery.

A natural lift procedure focuses on lifting and repositioning more than cutting and excising. Some people mistakenly think that a facelift should tighten the skin of your face and remove all possibility of wrinkling. Actually, even babies’ and teenagers’ faces wrinkle when they laugh, cry, and talk. Therefore, to keep a natural look, some muscles are tightened in the neck and the excess skin is removed.

After surgery, many patients take care of their face differently. Since the muscles are ultimately responsible for many signs of facial aging, post-procedure patients carefully massage their facial muscles on a daily basis to maintain the rejuvenation that the natural facelift achieved. Additional treatment with lotions can enhance the effect of a successful surgery.

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