mommy makeover surgery

Plastic surgery was once an option only for the very wealthy.   It has now become a very popular alternative for people of all walks of life. Mommy makeover surgery is a good example of how most women can sculpt their bodies into the shape they want, especially after having children.

What Motivates Women to Get Mommy Makeover Surgery

The painful consequences of having a child do not end after birth. Just ask any mother about her struggles with weight gain, scarring, and other physical discomfort to find out the unpleasant details. The difficulties are multiplied when a woman has more than one child.

Plenty of women who have had three, four, or more children have registered complaints with their doctors about the way that their stomach hangs or the way their breasts look. Carrying children through numerous pregnancies and breastfeeding them takes a toll on a woman’s body. Breasts become stretched and hang too low for comfort. Stomachs remain loose and oversized.

Often, even the most strenuous forms of exercise will do little to combat these changes in a woman’s body after years of motherhood. Furthermore, many of the exercises and diet regimens are so severe and time consuming that most busy mothers are unlikely to dedicate the time and energy required. That is where mommy makeover surgery comes to the rescue.

The Mommy Makeover Procedure

This phenomenon in the world of plastic surgery usually comprises more than one cosmetic procedure. Often, these procedures can all take place during one round of surgery. However, that is not always the case. Typical procedures include the following:

Breastfeeding, especially for prolonged periods of months or even years, can weigh down the breasts and leave them drooping. The medical term for sagging breasts is “ptosis”. While many women are pleased with the larger breast size they attain during and after pregnancy, the ultimate effect is a severely ptotic breast. This is simply a result of gravity acting on the natural tissues in the breasts, stretching of the breast skin, and a permanent loss of skin elasticity. The situation is also exacerbated by the significant breast enlargement that childbearing and breastfeeding may put on the integrity of the breasts.

A breast lift involves the alteration of the underlying breast tissue so that the nipples and the breast tissue are lifted as a unit, so they assume a more youthful position. This may also require some breast reduction in order to lower the content of fatty tissue in the breasts and make it easier for other tissues to hold the breasts up. A breast lift requires an incision around the nipple and a vertical line below the nipple.  A horizontal incision in the lower breast crease is necessary only in the most severe cases.

Sometimes, women will get this operation in conjunction with a breast lift. At first, it may not make sense to get breast reduction and augmentation at the same time. However, the purpose of the operation is to give the patient a full, youthful appearance in the breasts, which cannot always be achieved with original tissue after several pregnancies. The replacement of original breast tissue with silicone lifts the breasts and returns a rounder appearance.

Usually, liposuction post-pregnancy aims at the waist, hips, and stomach. Surgeons can give women a curvier look. Sometimes, they can give women a body that they never had before pregnancy. However, liposuction can not be performed if a woman has loose skin and severe stretch marks because the skin must be able to tighten in the area that the fat is removed.  Sometimes a mini-tummy tuck can be performed with liposuction.

This procedure is more than just liposuction.  After childbirth, the rectus abdominus muscle is separated and this results in poor abdominal tone and bulge. A tummy tuck tightens this muscle and results in a significant improvement of abdominal contour. In addition, a tummy tuck removes excess skin and fat. The resulting scar is an extension of the scar that is seen after a C-section. Many women find after several pregnancies that they can lose all the weight that they want, but they cannot shed the loose, sagging skin of the abdomen. During this operation, doctors remove this excess skin and give women a flatter stomach.

How to Get Natural Results

No one wants their plastic surgery to be obvious. If you go in for mommy makeover surgery, be clear with your doctor about this. He or she will explain the optional procedures to you and how they might affect your appearance overall. Sometimes, it takes restraint and patience to get the look that you want with these modern medical procedures.

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