Micro fat grafting is one of the newest tools doctors are using to fight the effects of aging. The innovation of this procedure is primarily in the use of the body’s own tissues to restore a youthful appearance to a patient’s face. Fat transfer uses a patient’s own tissue where there is ample volume and transfers it to an area that has lost fat volume. As with any medical procedure, however, it is valuable to understand as much as possible before arriving at the doctor’s office.

What Is Micro Fat Grafting?

This procedure is also known as fat transfer.  Doctors begin the procedure by performing liposuction on another part of the patient’s body, usually the thighs. They then take this fat and inject it into the same patient’s face at selected points. Usually, this entire procedure is prefaced by a meeting in which the patient shares old pictures of him or herself with the doctor. These pictures show the doctor how the patient looked at a younger age.

Why Is Fat Transfer Better?

Patients are choosing this type of micro fat grafting in increasing numbers for several reasons. The smoothing effects and restored volume that result from this procedure are much longer lasting than those caused by chemical fillers. Additionally, there is little chance of a bad reaction because it is the patient’s own tissue being used. A unique ability of fat grafting is the potential for increased volume replenishment. Aging frequently results in lost soft tissue volume and a fat graft is used to replace lost fullness.

The Results

Typically, doctors help their patients adjust the shape of their face to look younger with this treatment. The transferred fat simultaneously gives them the plumper look of youth while erasing wrinkles. While the face is a frequent target of such transfers, doctors can actually re-inject fat into many other areas, such as the hands, which may be showing advanced signs of aging.

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