Breast lift surgery can be life changing, but it is important to carefully consider the effects and costs it will cause and incur before deciding to undergo the procedure. The doctors at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery are here to help you understand what the surgery entails, answer any questions you may have, discuss your concerns, and go over your procedure in detail before you move forward.

Below is a list of our most commonly asked questions, so if you’re considering breast lift surgery, read through the following FAQs to make sure it’s the right decision for you:

  • What happens during breast lift surgery? During a breast lift, the surgeon removes and readjusts tissues to correct the size, shape, and elevation of the breasts.
  • What are the benefits? A breast lift aims to restore a more youthful shape and elevation to your chest region to create a younger, more curvaceous look.
  • Who can have it done? Breast lift surgery is ideal for anyone suffering from the effects of aging, including sagging, wrinkling, or drooping breasts, which are some common reasons to undergo the procedure. Women with previously augmented breasts are also eligible for the surgery.
  • Will it hurt? You will be under general anesthesia, so you will not feel anything during the procedure itself, but you may experience some soreness and bruising during recovery.
  • What are the risks? As with any cosmetic surgery, there are some risks that come with a breast lift, including scarring, bruising, swelling, and loss of feeling in the breast or nipple. In general, however, breast lift surgery is considered to be extremely safe.

If you are considering breast lift surgery to restore your youthful shape, contact the Center for Cosmetic Surgery today to learn more and find out if you’re a candidate.

Dr. Elizabeth Harris is retiring, she will no longer be doing surgeries, but she will be available for existing patients until January 31st, 2023.DIRECTIONS