The short scar breast lift procedure has a name that naturally sounds tempting to many prospective plastic surgery patients. People are nervous about any invasive procedure. They are always eager to find ways to limit the amount of scarring that may occur afterward, especially when the procedure is cosmetic in nature.

There are a variety of approaches to this operation. The doctor and the patient should confer about which one would be the best choice. While surgeons may restrict choices in some areas due to incompatibility with the patient’s condition, there is usually some patient choice in how to go about reducing and or lifting breasts.

What Is Breast-Lift Surgery?

Women usually seek this operation due to the effects that aging has had on the appearance and contour of their breasts. Weight gain in the patient may also bring about a sagging in the breasts. This cosmetic procedure seeks to correct the downward movement of the breast tissue. This situation is not one that is easily corrected by simply putting in breast implants because size is not the issue. Instead, patients want to raise the altitude of their breasts so that they regain their former appearance. They may also want to relieve themselves of the back pain that large breasts can cause.

Surgeons will often use the opportunity to reduce the size of the breasts or re-shape the areola, or nipple, which may have grown much larger. For many patients, this procedure can have multiple cosmetic effects: unnecessary adipose tissue is removed, breast height is raised, and their appearance is improved. This cosmetic operation can have much the same effect on these patients as breast implants do for others.

  • Approaches to Breast Lifts

Breast lifts occur in two forms: the full breast lift and the modified breast lift. Each approach is also broken down into specific techniques used on different occasions. These techniques all create a specific kind of scarring as a result.

  • Full breast lifts typically involve three incisions: a circular cut around the border of the areola, an up-and-down incision from the areola to the infra mammary fold, and a side-to-side cut from this incision to the point where the breast meets the chest. There are variations associated with this approach.
  • Modified breast lifts create much less scarring because fewer incisions are made. There are various techniques possible with this approach. The short scar breast liftis one of them. The typical method used in a short scar lift is known as the vertical breast lift.

Vertical Breast Reduction

The series of incisions involved in this approach only creates a lollipop-shaped scar around the areola and running vertically down the breast. It forgoes the use of the incision under the breast. In some cases, doctors can even avoid the vertical scar and only make an incision around the nipple, which can often completely hide any scarring. Since they leave the nipple attached to tissue underneath, they might preserve sensation that would otherwise be lost or permanently altered. However, no one can guarantee that the nipple’s sense of touch will remain equal or ever recover its original sensation.  This procedure tightens and lifts the deep breast tissue while tightening the skin.  Some patients also are a candidate for liposuction of the lateral breast during this procedure.

Is This Procedure Right for You?

Since this approach uses fewer incisions, it is also less capable of causing massive transformation in breast appearance. Both you and your doctor must discuss your desires for this cosmetic procedure and the potential for correcting the sagging of your breasts.

Make sure that the short scar breast lift can give you the breasts and the shape that you want before planning on it. Your physician and your surgeon will provide valuable input to help you make this decision.

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