When discussing a breast augmentation, San Antonio women often ask me, “What size should I get?” While ultimately the decision is yours, there are a few guidelines you should follow when choosing your new breast size. This will give you the most satisfying results and the least painful post-surgical experience.

Here’s what you need to consider when selecting your new breast size:

  • Tissue laxity—How tight is the skin on your breasts? The tighter it is, the less room there will be for a larger implant. You’ll also want to consider your age; the older you are, the harder it is for your skin to respond favorably to changes.
  • Your frame, height and weight—With smaller women, a smaller-sized implant can often make a noticeable difference. For larger women, a fuller, more robust implant may be required. Additionally, you’ll want to consider the effect of the implant on your frame. A large implant on a smaller-framed woman may give a “top-heavy” look. You want the outcome to be proportional to your body type, unless you are seeking a particular look.
  • Your current breast size—This not only includes your cup size, but also the width of your breasts and the size of their base.
  • Your goals—What look are you going for? Your surgeon will thoroughly discuss your goals with you. You may also bring in photos of the breasts you are seeking. The surgeon will then provide sizers so you can see how different-sized implants look on your body. Use this experience to help make your final decision and achieve your desired look.

Thinking about breast augmentation, San Antonio ladies? Then schedule a consult at the Center for Cosmetic Surgery today. We’ll help you determine the best size and type of implant for your body, budget and goals, and we’ll provide a positive and caring environment every step of the way. With over 20 years of experience performing plastic surgeries, we have the skills and expertise to give you the breasts you desire.

Dr. Elizabeth Harris is retiring, she will no longer be doing surgeries, but she will be available for existing patients until January 31st, 2023.DIRECTIONS