As you age, gravity begins to take its toll, causing your breasts to droop, sag and hang. While this might seem like a superficial issue, in reality, it can lessen your self-esteem and confidence, affect your sex life and even cause back pain, depending on the size of your breasts. Fortunately, all hope isn’t lost. In many cases, a breast lift surgery can do the trick—restoring your breasts to their former, more shapely selves.

Are you considering a breast lift, San Antonio ladies? Here are four signs you could definitely benefit from one:

  • Your nipple is no longer at the center of your breast. If your nipple now sits at the bottom of your breast or it points downward due to sagging, a breast lift can certainly be a solution. The most tell-tale sign? If you see no visible skin below your nipple (only areola).
  • Drooping is significant. With mild drooping, a breast augmentation may actually be the better option, but when drooping and sagging is significant, your best bet is definitely a breast lift. A lift can fix both the shape and the position of the breast.
  • You have a C cup or larger. Generally, the larger the breast, the more severe drooping and sagging will be—simply due to gravity. If you have a C cup, D cup or even larger breast, a lift may be just the fix you need.
  • You’re happy with your breast size. If you’re content with the size of your breasts—just not the shape or position of them—then a lift is definitely the best way to go. This can give you the perky, youthful breasts of years past, without changing your cup size at all.

Think you may want a breast lift, San Antonio women? Then schedule a consultation with Dr. Elizabeth Harris today. She can evaluate your body and help you determine the perfect surgical options to meet your needs and goals. Contact the Center for Cosmetic Surgerytoday to make your appointment.

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